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About Kawartha Weaving

Humans are surrounded by textiles for their entire lives. The moment you are born you are swaddled. We walk on rugs, sit on upholstered couches, sleep on mattresses with sheets and blankets, hang curtains, use table linens and wear warm clothes. It would be easier to go a day without food than it would be without textiles. Humans have been handweaving since 6000 BC! In our modern times, textiles are now manufactured in factories, but did you realize that you can actually make your own cloth at home? We invite you to take a few minutes to think of the impact of textiles in your life and perhaps consider learning how it’s done. Join a growing community of handweavers as we teach, learn, share, support and display our passion for this special craft!


Kawartha Weaving specializes in teaching beginners how to confidently handweave on floor looms and we also offer more advanced technique classes for more experienced weavers. Learning how to handweave is a serious commitment as it takes 5 days for a brand new student to learn all that’s required to prepare a warp, dress a loom and weave cloth. Our hands-on beginner classes are carefully designed to ensure that the student leaves with a solid handweaving foundation. We strive to achieve student confidence so that they can enjoy a successful and exciting future of creating cloth.


Handweaving is a very special and unique art form. Once you have learned the basic principles and foundations of weaving, doors open up to an unlimited amount of techniques to study and learn. You can spend a lifetime experimenting with different drafts, patterns, colours, techniques and fibres.

Our brand new, fully customized studio is situated on stunning Sturgeon Lake right in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. Owner and instructor, Lisa Graves has been studying handweaving for 10 years and is presently completing the Master Weaver Education Program through the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners. 

Kawartha Weaving is also home to a welcoming online community of like minded weavers and fibre artists. Join our growing community today as an individual seeking a safe space to connect, learn, weave and inspire!

Lisa Graves

Lisa Graves - Owner of and weaving instructor at Kawartha Weaving

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