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    The Weaving Community Forum


    The Weaving Community Forum is a welcoming online space for weavers of all experience levels. Meet and connect with other weavers from across the world. Ask questions and get answers! Help others by offering advice and support. Inspire everyone by sharing what you've been working on!  Enjoy our easy to use format - upload pictures and share links or use the search function to find past discussions. Our forum is closely monitored by expert admins to ensure everyone stays on topic and will always feel safe. Join now and become a part of this special online weaving community. 



    Monthly Weaving Mentoring Groups

    Join one of our weaving mentoring groups! Small and intimate, our monthly groups provide the support and motivation for all things weaving! We meet monthly via zoom - where everyone will have an opportunity to share what they've been working on, ask questions, give support and receive mentorship from weaving instructor - Lisa Graves. Each member will also receive access to their group's private forum. The forum is a safe space to share picture or videos of your work, share resources and ask questions!