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Covid-19 Protocols

Please see the below list of current Covid-19 Protocols that Kawartha Weaving is following:

Student Equipment, Supplies & Looms

Each in-person student is provided the use of their own personal equipment, supplies and loom. Each item is sanitized between student use. Students are also provided their own workspace to use for the duration of their class.

Class Sizes

Currently Kawartha Weaving has reduced class sizes to a maximum of two students

Social Distancing

Our studio is 900 square feet, more than enough room for students and instructors to maintain socially distanced spaces of 6 feet or more. Looms and workspaces have been relocated to provide as much space as possible between individuals. Students and instructors are required to wear masks at times when keeping socially distance is not possible. 


All works spaces are sanitized daily. Students will share bathroom facilities that are also sanitized daily. 


Our instructor and her family are fully vaccinated except for the youngest family member, aged 10, who is not old enough to meet the current criteria.

Kawartha Weaving would appreciate all students be fully vaccinated. At this time, vaccination is not mandatory or is disclosure of vaccine status. 

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